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Garner State Park Camping Trip Information

Camping can be as simple or complicated as you want. I'll list a few items you may want to bring and adjust the list according to what you have or the amount of comfort you desire.

If you are camping, reserve a space in Old Garner. There are no screened shelters available in Old Garner, so if you need a shelter you'll be in a different part of the park. The Dining Hall in in Shady Meadows. It's centrally located in the park, but is a mile or so from each campground.

Entrance Fee: $5 per day, per person 13 and older for day use only. $3 per day, per person 13 and older for overnight use. $3 per day, per person Texas residents 65 on 9/1/95 or after. Gate is OPEN from 8am to 10pm. Peak Season gate is closed at 11:30 pm. Park DOES ACCEPT Credit Cards. (Discover, Master Card, Visa). Entrance fees are in addition to Campsite or day use facility fees.

Consider a Golden Passport for $50. Check with the ranger for the current benefits, but last year the entrance fee of $5.00/person was waived if you had the Passport. $50 is a good deal if you plan on going to state parks more than once in the year. It consists of a windshield decal and gets you into any state park in Texas for one year from month of purchase.

Things to bring



Food (Nearest market is 30 minutes away)


Sleeping bags or blankets

Sleeping surface - cot, lounge chair, air mattress, etc.

Dry clothes

Camp Stove

Pots and pans

Charcoal and lighter fluid

Firewood (you cannot collect wood in the park)


Ice - there is a small convenience store, but they sometimes run out


Dishes, cups, forks, spoons, knives.

Bathing suit


Old shoes to wear in the river. Old tennis shoes or waterproof sandals are perfect.

Rain slicker

Back pack



Cards, board games or a good book if it rains

Fishing equipment

Inflatable boat or air mattress


Snakebit kit - Just kidding George!


Tim Constance
Date Last Modified: 1/26/98