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Stats ..

February 28, 1999

Water temp - 70 degrees

Air temp - 78 degrees

Water - clear to stained

Location - upper Lake Conroe

Bait - artificials

Tally - 10 White bass between three fishermen in an hour.

..... "Mark puts the first fish in the boat"

..... Now Charles can't say Mark can't catch fish

Needed to shake the boat down after a few months off. Got to the ramp at 3:00. Launched and the boat wouldn't start. Found out the starter cable was bad. Rigged it to work for the day. Tried to find some bass but at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, the lake was beat to a froth. Tried under the 1097 bridge for crappie - nothing. Caught sight of birds working a few miles away. Ran for the birds and immediately started putting white bass in the boat until dark. Only one throwback. Most were filled with eggs - looks like a few weeks till the spawn.


Tim Constance
Date Last Modified: 1/26/98