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Garner State Park Camping Trip Information

Garner State Park is approximatley a four hour drive from Cypress. It is a beautiful state park with hills, a clear river, wildlife, dancing on Saturday night, fishing, swimming, and hiking.

Nights can be cool this time of year so bring light jackets. It could rain, so come prepared with raingear and cards or board games to pass the time.

The river ranges from a few inches deep to over ten feet. Watch young children that do not know how to swim. Paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent or bring your own small, unpowered boat or canoe.

Public consumption of alcohol is banned. This means you can drink alcohol, but it must be poured into a regular container.

We're renting a covered, group dining hall, in Shady Meadows, for all three days, open from 8:00am to 10:00pm, equipped with a community stove, refrigerator, water and covered seating for 50. The cost is $120 for three days, and will be split among all campers. We expect at least 30 people, so it should be approximately $5.00 each, which will include side dishes and desert on Friday and Saturday evening. Each family should pack their own food for breakfast and lunch. Plan to meet at the dining hall Friday and Saturday for dinner at 7:00. Bring your favorite meat to cook on the grill.

There are two type of camping available - tent spaces and screened patios. Tent spaces are available first-come-first served and a specific site cannot be reserved but you must make a reservation for a campsite in general. The tent spaces cost $10-$12 with water, $15-$17 with water and electric. Screened shelters are covered and screened patios, with cement floors. They don't have any privacy and you should bring something to sleep on, unless you can sleep on concrete. Shelters are $20-22. Trailers and campers are acceptable as well.



Tim Constance
Date Last Modified: 1/26/98