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Sam Rayburn Fishing Trip Dec 26, '98 Photos

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Stats ..

Since I have Arabians as well as paints, I have tons of mane untangling experience. The knife technique will work, but it cuts healthy hair. If you don't care about length, that's the fastest way. If you want to keep it long, use this trechnique. Long hair is tangled when debris or dead hair wraps around the healthy hair. First spray the hair with (in order of effectiveness): LaserSheen or ShowSheen till it drips, human hair conditioner, real silicone spray available at autoparts stores (not WD40), mineral oil, Crisco, butter or any other slippery goo. The conditioner is a good idea if the hair is brittle. The idea is to make the whole mess as slippery as possible. Remove any debris that can be removed without breaking any hair. Beginning at the top of a tangle, nearest the neck, begin pulling a single hair through the mess. Grab a hair and pull it until it meets resistence or comes out. Pull too hard and it will break off. If you meet resistence, leave the hair alone and move on. It will loosen later. You are removing the good hairs from the center of the tangle and loosening the knot that is holding the rest of the tangle. As the knot is loosened, you can begin pulling three or four hairs at a time. You'll soon be left with a big knot of dead hair that will just fall away. If you do this correctly, you can remove the toughest tangle without breaking a single hair. The final step is to wash the hair if you used anything that can harm the hair like silicone or mineral oil, and condition it to prevent tangles in the future.

Sorry I missed the thread below. I've trained hundred of horses to cross water. The bigger the ditch the better, (a shallow pond is perfect) - that way they can't leap it. Have them follow another horse that crosses slowly. If he's well broke, use the technique we use to train trail class horses. A trail horse must complete the obstacle without stopping, but cannot rush it. If they start to rush an obstacle, I practice the obstacle one step at a time, with long pauses between steps. It's harder with water, but can be done. Let me guess, you take them to the ditch and they begin to bunch up and maybe prance a little bit. The front and back feet stomp a few times and then it's "cleared for take-off." Take them to the edge of the ditch and just stop. Don't move a muscle. Get them to stand there for a long time, until they're calm and collected - the longer the better. Get him to take one step into the water and stop again. If he jumps it, turn around and start over. Stop at the edge for a long time until he's quiet and then take a step and pause again. Soon he'll be listening to you and cross the ditch at any speed you request. My horses will stand in the center of the ditch all day or will leap across it a full run, but only if I tell them to. Remember the one that quits first loses. Make sure you have enough time to see the process through if it takes all day. The end result is priceless and worth the effort.

Water temp - 45 degrees

Air temp - 24-40 degrees

Water - stained

Location - upper Sam Rayburn Lake fishing the old Angelina river bed

Bait - minners and jigs

Tally - 40 fish between three fishermen, two white bass, the rest crappie, most were at least a pound with a few bigger.

..... "Can you pick me up at 4:00?" ..28 degrees in Houston.... 23 degrees at the Marian Ferry boat ramp.

..... Beautiful dawn on the lakeNo wind, slightly foggy, glassy water, ducks in the air.

..... Tim with the first fish a nice 3 lb white bass.

..... Our captain was the Unibomber This is the same captain that put the next World Record White Bass in the boat the week before.

..... Greg explains how it's done during a lull in the action.

..... Never trust a guy with a camera "Come on...... I was scratching."

..... Nice Crappie fighting at the boat.

..... Greg with a nice one and very happy.

..... Tim with a nice one on ICE - yessss it was cccold.

..... Greg the day had its moments.

..... Greg "It's not getting dark yet is it?"

..... Darien trying for one last fish

..... The sun setting over our bank of rods.

..... Oh my gosh, they killed Kenny! The Unibomber and Cartman go fishing.

..... On the pad and running home on glass.

..... Sunset on Big Sam The world record white bass boat idling into the sunset.

..... Loading up The day's over except for fish cleaning.

..... Click Here for.. a special fishing picture.

Read the report about crappie in the Angelina River and had to go. Friday night called a buddy that used to live in Lufkin and fished Rayburn all the time. I wanted to take my boat but he had a buddy that was going anyway and it saved us hauling a boat all the way from Houston. Had trouble finding minners but talked a lady into scrounging up six dozen. Got to the Marians Ferry ramp at 6:30, air temp 24 degrees. We found crappie scattered but regular all day. We'd tie to a tree on the old bank, back the boat into the channel, anchor the back of the boat, and fish the slope. We caught them on the bottom, suspended and even a few feet from the top. They were slow but three of use managed 40, no monsters, but most were nice and only a few throwbacks. A nice dividend was a three pound white bass. Tried jigs but only managed a few bumps and a one pound white bass. BTW. the boat we were in landed the next world record White Bass the week before. It weighed 8 lbs when caught but was a little over 7 by the official weighin. You heard it here first.


Tim Constance
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