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Photo Album

Garner State Park Trip May '99 Photos

Lost and Found

Call me if you recognize anything

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..Dirty BUM jean shorts ...I think I'll start a new clothing line named after these.

..Soggy/muddy size 10 Air Jordans

..Two paddles

..One yellow sock.. Very soggy

..Size 34 mens underware - someone's going commando....size eliminates most campers!

..Birdie ....not the flying kind

..Brown pattern pillow

..Instinct Gray jacket

..Ring toss ring

..White pillow

..Full bottle Kahlua....Half bottle Kahlua......Empty bottle of Kahlua

..288 Water Ballons..Who brought these and why didn't we use them?

..Square Tupperware

..Garrity flashlight



Tim Constance
Date Last Modified: 1/26/98