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Sam Rayburn Fishing Trip Jan 31, '99 Photos

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Stats ..

January 31, 1999

Water temp - 60 degrees

Air temp - 55-70 degrees

Water - clear

Location - Below Hwy 147 bridge

Weather - Stormy in the morning, beautiful after 10:00

Bait - mostly Zoom finesse watermelon worms and pumpkinseed and chartruese lizards.

The fish ae just starting to bed. We kept eight fish, biggest in the boat 2-3/4 lbs, lost one over five pounds - caught nearly 30

..... Fishin' in the buck brush and trees.

..... Typical throwback

..... Lipping a nice one

..... Biggest in the boat

..... The worms eye view

..... Darien hooked a big one

..... Last thing Darien saw of his big one.

..... Greg and Tim's keepersBiggest by Tim 3.0 lbs.

..... Greg and Tim's keepersBiggest by Tim 3.0 lbs.

..... My catch is featured as the "Catch of the Week" on Outdoor Central website. Go to the "Catch of the Week" Photo link from the main page.

Put in at Monterry Park and worried about it in the morning. Water was stained, and the front rolled through. After the front we found clear water and started throwing worms and lizards in 3-4 ft of water. Most were dinks. The bigger ones were caught at the mouths of teh creeks in 5-9 ft of water. Darien had one at least 5 pounds that came off at the boat. They should be bedding great in a few weeks. This was the first worm trip for me and I put the biggest fish in the boat and caught my share. Love worm fishing! Another good day on Big Sam.



Tim Constance
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